Corporate Staff

Below is a comprehensive list of staff members at Lyndex-Nikken, Inc. If you would like to contact a member of our team, please call us at (847) 367-4800 or click on the individuals name to send an email.

Hiro Kashiwakura President
Tom Dang Vice President
James Gould CFO and HR Manager
Tom Latourette National Sales Manager
Osmar Takeuchi Director - International Operations
Eric Yoo Director - Strategic Planning
Sabrina Carlos Customer Advocate

Product Managers and Specialists
Don Stiebohr Product Manager
Arnold Latzke Product Manager
Kyle Multz Product Specialist

Technical Support and Engineering
Nick Kawabata Engineering Manager
Randy Peacock Senior Engineering Specialist CMfgT
Tim Reeves Application Engineer [Profile Video]
Andrew Richart Application Engineer
Eric Hartman Product Associate
Amira Alpuche Service Specialist [Profile Video]
Walden Nelson Engineering Associate
Mike Para Senior Service Technician
Kaz Kazuno Service Technician
Armando Mena Service Technician
Steve Harris Service Technician
Gus Vazquez Service Technician
Fred Lechowicz Service Associate

Regional Sales
Steve Lenihan Regional Sales Manager - Midwest
Jim Minock Regional Sales Representative - Midwest
Blake Smith Regional Sales Associate - Midwest
Joshua Villa Regional Sales Associate - Midwest
Bob Berongi Regional Sales Manager - Southeast
Chris Ward Regional Sales Representative - Southeast
Rick Sullins Regional Sales Representative - Southeast
Joe Cerniglia Regional Sales Associate - Southeast
Nick Mazis Regional Sales Manager - Northeast
Tom Trudell Regional Sales Representative - Northeast
Ross Adams Regional Sales Associate - Northeast
Duke Dang Regional Sales Manager - West Coast
Alex Dang Regional Sales Associate - West Coast
Ben Tran Regional Sales Associate - West Coast
Kip Smith Regional Sales Associate - Southwest
César Mendoza Regional Sales Manager - Mexico
Yas Saeki Regional Sales Representative
Japanese Accounts Specialist

Inside Sales
Karyn Makuch Midwest Inside Sales Leader [Profile Video]
April Topp Midwest Inside Sales Representative
Jill Brinn Midwest Inside Sales Associate
Laurie Cantone Southeast Inside Sales Leader
Brad Becker Southeast Inside Sales Associate
Cindy Tillinghast Northeast Inside Sales Leader
Bri Reinhold Northeast Inside Sales Associate
Belinda Hernandez Western Inside Sales Leader [Profile Video]
Beth Welch Western Inside Sales Representative
Jon Knapp Inside Sales Associate
Nancy Starkey Customer Associate
Jeanne Kodner Customer Associate
Ana Mari Ordaz Inside Sales Support
Vera Chavez Office Assistant

Susumu Irie Product and Marketing Manager
Eric Berry Marketing Team Leader
Matt Goldberg Marketing Associate
Shuya Washido Marketing Associate

Risa Yamamoto Purchasing Specialist
Kyoko Castilla Purchasing Associate
Mitsu Morita Purchasing Associate

Accounts Receivable Team General Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable Team General Accounts Payable
Maria Aranda Accounting Specialist

Shipping and Warehouse
Oscar Sanchez Warehouse Manager [Profile Video]
Aida Fernandez-Pena Warehouse Associate
Chris Bergland Warehouse Associate
Ben Campos Warehouse Associate
Leo Sainz
Warehouse Associate